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Color Depositing Shampoo Rules That Work

10.31.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Are you one of the many who color your hair? Probably. So I’ll bet you love the color but hate going to salon for regular touch ups, right? And is it your imagination or does it seem your color fades faster than you like?nnDo you find repeat trips every – you can fill in how often – to deal with color concerns taking a toll on your beauty budget?. Not to mention the time commitment. Well then, how about if there was a way to maintain your color’s richness and vibrancy without so many follow up salon visits?nnBecause color depositing shampoos can extend the life of most any hair color. Some swear by them.nnHow does it help and what is color depositing shampoo anyway? Fair question.nnColor protecting or depositing shampoo is specially formulated to slow down the fading of your color treated hair.nnAll it takes is color depositing shampoo that matches you color. It’s an easy way to make color hair, streaks and highlights last and look vibrant longer. Gently cleansing your locks without stripping away their new found color.nnYou use it like a regular shampoo. Nothing to it really.nnJust so you realize any color enhancement is going to be fleeting at best. Think of it like mixing some temporary coloring into your regular shampoo. Doing that would deposit color on your strands not getting *********** into the cuticle. This way no damage can be done. But nothing permanent has changed either.nnNow when purchasing these some would advise you stick with salon based brands. Those products your find at the drug store, although cheaper, well, some can make your hair dry and brittle Also while salon brands may put a bigger dent in your wallet initially they generally tend to be of higher quality. And since you use less they last longer than drugstore brands too. Guess you get what you pay for.nnWith all the advantages are there any drawbacks? Well, as you’d expect like all products these too have their limitations.nnOkay well guess I should alert you that some color depositing come up short in the lather department. But that doesn’t mean it’s not cleaning however.nnObviously they cannot fix a bad color job. But I’d hope you wouldn’t expect them to.nnYou will need to be careful as given this is a color depositing type product you’re apt to stain the ceiling, towels, or the little rug you’ve got outside your shower if you’re not.nnAlso those with hair that is damaged, permed or chemically straightened may find their locks may take on more color than otherwise.nnNow it pays to study the color charts to make sure you’re getting the product that’s right for your hair color before deciding.nnOne final trick is you might want to mix this with your favorite shampoo if you’ve got light colored locks or are only dealing with highlights. Some girls report this is a better way to go in that case.nnFinally for everyday use you might want to go with a color enhancing rather than color depositing shampoo. Enhancing shampoos are formulated with additives and shine enhancers that will make your color appear to be brighter.nnRegardless, I’ve tried to give you a different alternative to repeat salon visits to keep your hair color fresh and lively.

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