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COACH Holiday – Luxury Holiday Series

12.09.2011 · Posted in Clothing Articles

COACH Holiday – Luxury Holiday SeriesrnrnCoach for this winter offers a variety of fashionable, classic accessories, gifts for the holiday gift of choice, these accessories with its sparkling, eye-catching styling and innovative design to create a luxury holiday atmosphere.rnrnIn the upcoming year-end and New Year holiday, Coach of the Holiday Series with an elegant, luxurious and timeless theme running through them. Whole series of handbag, covered with small flashing accessories, metallic leather and pleasant metal parts. And a variety of colorful bracelets, wool scarves, and festive essential metals color, pink, blue and green purse or handbag, a holiday gift of choice. For fashion lovers of all kinds of *****, Coach of the Golden suitcase Minaudieres and retro fashion Clutch Demi bag is a rare companion.rnrnRetro bagrnCoach of this bag with a few ethnic flavor to enhance the mood of the holidays is a good choice, chocolate-colored bag body with high hardness of leather outline a tough line, with gold buckles and chains with its dazzling luster light up the festival of lights, including the use of rattan with strap reveal a retro national feeling, careful selection of the strap at the leather connections undoubtedly enhance its comfort, carrying it to do some shopping with your girlfriends! It’s definitely very cool!rnrnWrist PackrnFantastic gold and blue, Coach seems to intend to give us into a fantasy world, fine gold and the lake blue color of this year, simply take the show off the elegant European-style retro design taste, in the New Year comes, we may also naive to hope that the gift in a dream will come up. In the morning on the pillow, a delicate, magical appearance of a small wrist bag, it will not let you shocked?rnrnSmall walletrnCoach is clear from the joy of the holiday atmosphere draw enough inspiration, a bold use of pure white, bright green and red wallet is so that everyone will be bright spots, this bright and even a little bright, but bright colors against the background of this in the festival actually pleasant to dance, Coach of the small wallet with a simple look and gold throughout this series does not cover the gorgeous burst out with ease.rnrnLeather BagrnCoach of the bag with a light and elegant color wipe out the Holiday in a rare relaxed, simple and quiet moments in the bag was to capture during the swing, rectangular bag body to its noble appearance gave it enough practical, simple car line at the solid surface of the clear color of the package, the overall feeling of light fly in this modulation.rnrnGolden suitcasernGold is attractive people aspire to, fine chain of beads into the bag gently tied possession of small suitcase full of secrets, Coach gorgeous and unique gold box must be loaded with a small mention the highlight of the festival, with a rotating buttons instead of the previous design, not only to avoid the prevalent custom design may also play no small role in the decoration, with sparkling suitcase, you will inadvertently for the beautiful holiday considerably.rnrnTrim walletrnCoach playing the possibility of color in this series, small coins are also applied on a package holiday bright colors, using the same color of the skin side of parcels, to the aura of such small items, but also increased their sense of presence, retro bag buckle and magic of color build a classical luxurious texture, is an integral part of a small element of holiday.rnrnMetal trim with imitation satin handbag rnThe classic Coach Handbag style implies the joy of this series theme, whether it is whole body of gold or gold and black using the perfect match, let it become luxurious eye-catching, festive atmosphere in an instant burn, and fold design makes this handbags and more smooth and delicate texture, reveals a soft and relaxed feeling.rnrnButtons decorate handbagsrnTexture of metal covered with the Coach handbag, a bold gold and silver color transition of the bag attached indescribable feeling of happiness, which is a bit cool, but it is the kind of festival need to release the power, with a full round bag body exposed faintly some naughty of the metal ring, like the spread of the fireworks in the night sky, dazzling and exciting, to lay down law-abiding briefcase, to taste the joy of it bloom!

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