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Climate change protesters halt football game with sit-in and ‘OK, boomer’ chant

11.23.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
It's going to take a whole lot more than protests to reverse climate change, but a big stage and large crowd always help. That's what happened during a Saturday match-up between the Harvard Crimson and Yale Bulldogs. More than 100 climate change protesters took to the field during half-time, chanting (among other things) "OK, boomer," the go-to shorthand for letting aging adults know that we see them destroying our world. The protest action extended well beyond the allotted half-time, derailing the game for almost an hour. Players from both teams ended up joining the protesters on Yale's football field in New Haven, Conn.  They were all reportedly united in urging both schools to stop investing in fossil fuel companies and forgive Puerto Rican debt, according to a Washington Post report. Read more... More about Climate Change, Protest, Harvard, College Football, and Yale

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