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Chrome will now warn you if your password’s been stolen as soon as you type it in

12.11.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
Chrome will now warn you if your password's been stolen as soon as you type it inUnless you're a super conscientious internet user with password managers and two-factor authentication out the wazoo, it's highly likely you're still using a couple of logins that have been compromised in data breaches.  You know you should use unique passwords for everything all the time, you've checked when you read about a major data breach, changed your Gmail or Facebook password when prompted — but ultimately you've kind of accepted a certain amount of regular pwnage as a fact of your digital life. Now, Google has announced that Chrome will make it a bit easier to clean up your compromised credentials as you find them. Read more... More about Google Chrome, Password Security, Tech, and Cybersecurity

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