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Choosing your Wedding Flowers

09.17.2009 · Posted in Culture Articles

Choosing your Wedding FlowersrnrnrnNo wedding is complete without a selection of wedding flowers! However, bear in mind that the price of wedding flowers can escalate and most of these flowers will simply be thrown out, at the end of the day. rn rnChoosing your Wedding Flowers rn rnYour choice of wedding flowers can make such a difference to both the look of your wedding and of course your budget. Wedding flowers are largely seasonal; if you choose a flower that is not in season, it may not be as good as you would hope and it will certainly cost more! rn rnObtain professional advice from someone who regularly provides wedding flowers; they will almost certainly be better placed to advise you on the easiest way to achieve your desired look. rn rnWedding Flowers for the Bride rn rnA bride will normally, as part of her outfit, hold some wedding flowers. Traditionally, these bouquets were large and flamboyant, however trends are changing. Many brides now prefer simple wedding flowers, such as a single rose or lily. This can be incredibly effective, not to mention a lot cheaper and easier to handle. rn rnThe bridal wedding flowers must complement your dress; so choose the wedding flowers with your dress in mind. As a very simple dress may be swamped by a large bouquet, pay careful attention to the combination, not just the actual wedding flowers themselves. rn rnWedding Flowers for the Bridal Party rn rnIt’s not just the bride who has to be considered when it comes to wedding flowers. Bridesmaids, the groom and best man will also be wearing flowers so their outfits must also be considered. rn rnMale buttonholes are generally very small and inconspicuous, in fact it isn’t even necessary to use flowers, a small fabric attachment can be just as nice and can also double up as a keepsake as it will not wilt, in time. rn rnWhen it comes to wedding flowers for your bridesmaids, it is vital that you consider their ages. A 3-year old is unlikely to be able to handle a large bouquet and similarly it may be a disaster with a thorny rose collection. rn rnWith wedding flowers, simple is often best. All of the wedding party will have many other things to consider, not just the wedding flowers; keep them simple and easy to handle. rn rnYour choice of wedding flowers is extremely important so do give it the time it deserves. Plan in advance and take professional advice, it will be worth it, in the end.

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