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Choosing Ladies Ski Boots

10.15.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

As the skiing season approaches, it is time to start preparing your ski gear. Along with your skis, ski boots are something that you need to pay particular attention to.nnLadies ski boots are available in many colors, shapes and styles, and so you will be somewhat spoilt for choice. In fact, if you have a little look around next time you go skiing, you will quickly realize just how many variations of ladies ski boots that there are.nnObviously, you will want to buy stylish boots, but never let style come ahead of function where ski boots are concerned. Should you opt for style over function, it is something that you will begin to regret soon after you hit the ski slopes.nnThe first step in choosing ski boots is to consider your size. Each country has its own shoe sizing system and therefore it was deemed necessary to create a universal system that can convert sizes of all countries.nnSki boot manufacturers have a specific system for sizing boots, called the “Mondopoint Chart” system. The system works by applying a worldwide sizing procedure that takes into account the most common boot sizes across the world.nnThe fit, feel and comfort of the ski boot is the next issue to consider. Of the utmost importance is that your foot is held securely by it. It must not feel either too loose or too tight. You should get a feel for the boots by walking up and down in them whilst in the store.nnAsk to try another pair if you do not feel 100% right in the pair you are currently trying. Any pain or pressure is something that will only get worse when you have to keep them on all day. The right size will allow you to move your toes and fit your heel with ease. You will know it is the right boot for you when it almost feels like it is a part of your foot.nnAlso, remember that when checking if your ski boots fit properly, that you must try them on whilst wearing socks. Ski socks should be used. Wearing socks ensures that an a little extra space allowance is provided. A quality pair of ski boots should actually fit well with or without you wearing ski socks, but it is best not to risk it and assume so.

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