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Choosing and Cooking Different Cuts of Steak

10.05.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Are you someone who has a lot of trouble telling different kinds of steak apart? It is not an uncommon tendency, particularly among those of us who eat our steak mostly in restaurants. However, if you would like to start making your own steak dinners at home, you can learn how to do it. Let us take a look at the options available and the best ways to prepare them.nnRib Eye – This is one of the best all around cuts, since its high level of fat makes it hard to do badly, with the steak ending up juicy, tender, and flavorful in most cases. It is a good choice for novices, since its great pan fried, grilled, and broiled. nnNew York ***** – A tender, versatile cut of meat, New York ***** is also pretty flavorful, and is prepared best by grilling or pan-frying. Skip broiling this one, and trim fat only after you have cooked the steak to retain the most flavor.nnTenderloin – This is one of the most expensive cuts of steak on the market, and is extremely tender and lean. That has why many decide to pan sear it in butter, or cook it in a wrapping of bacon. Due to its price, most people only cook tenderloin as a special treat.nnT-Bone – The classic steak most of us think about this combines the New York ***** and a tenderloin. Porterhouse steaks are a type of t-bone steak cut further up the ****, and are known for size and tenderness. T-bones can be hard to cook, due to the difficulty of cooking them evenly. Do not choose this one if you like well-done meat. This steak is hard to pan cook or sear, so try grilling your t-bones or broiling them instead.nnFlank Steak – A long, thin cut that is usually used in London Broil; this is also a favorite in grilling season. The large size of this cut makes it great for serving more people. Remember that this is a flavorful steak, but the flavor comes with toughness. Marinate it and broil or grill whole, then slice on the diagonal, across the grain.nnSkirt Steak – This cut is a lot like flank steak in flavor and toughness, and is an old cowboy favorite that has a number of different cooking options. This is a great choice, whether you are cooking steak indoors or outside. Use it in fajitas, or stuff and braise it.nnTop Sirloin – This popular steak is affordable, and more tender than flank and skirt steaks. It is tougher than the fanciest cuts, however, and is very lean. Pound and marinate it for cooking on the grill, or use it in kebabs.

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