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China Sweater city

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Regional atmosphere unique. Shenzhen-Hong Kong economic corridor is found in the middle of Guangzhou, adjacent to the Dongguan Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park. Transport links to the urban space seventy kilometers north to Guangzhou, Shenzhen town 46 km south from the Dongguan Railway Station seven km, Wan deep, usually tiger highway intersection in the territory additionally has three entrances, the Trans-Provincial Highway and Guan Hui have done, is Dongguan, in south-central transportation hub. Wealthy abundance of natural resources, ecological surroundings, delicate and pretty and pleasant, with large space Li Zhilin, inexperienced forests and nearly ten reservoirs, referred to as “Lai Chi town” within the world. Knitwear characteristic business to accelerate their transformation. Wool industry is that the robust city of Dalang enrich the special industries. A high degree of concentration of commercial clusters, so that the main Long are listed as the primary batch of “industrial clusters pilot unit”, “Chinese textile and garment clusters of company social responsibility management pilot unit”, provincial and regional international brands to make one in all the units 3 and the first batch of fifteen pilot a demonstration area to upgrade one in all the industrial cluster. At gift, Dalang industrial cluster as the middle, there are nearly 10 thousand woolen business, solely there are way more than three,000 Dalang formed a research and design, production and processing, raw materials accessories, machinery and equipment, logistics and trade, personnel coaching, science and technology service, info consultation, one-stop supporting industries. The entire business cluster sweater additional than 1.2 billion annual sales in the Bigger Long distribution were 800 million. Tai Long sweater 60% exported to Italy, the United States, more than 80 countries and regions. One-year term of the China (Dalang) International Woolen Knitwear Fair, the whole has become the business exhibition. Lately, Dalang Town, vigorously improve the R & D, quality management, personnel coaching, information consultation, exhibition logistics, money services, “the six public service platform”, guide enterprises to enhance their analysis and style, quality control, promoting planning “3 types of capacity”, accelerate the wool industry to attain “two changes”, that is, from product management to brand management shift from production bases to the regional distribution hub. Identified twenty key support private wool enterprises, are established in China (Dalang) Woolen Textile product R & D Center, Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision and Inspection Station wool (Dongguan), Dongguan City Woolen Textile Trade Association, Dongguan City, woolen clothing designer Association, Dalang Town, Wool Textile Technology Innovation Center, Tai Long wool websites and other public service platform, in cooperation with the Xi’an University of Engineering established a training base for post-graduate, postgraduate Innovation Fund, post-doctoral mobile stations for the wool industry, and upgrading provides a strong of the support system. rnOf contemporary manufacturing structural upgrading. Dalang Town, modern manufacturing developed, with additional than 4300 industrial enterprises. In 2007, an increase of business enterprises higher than designated size forty six, a complete of 256, total output value was 17.forty three billion yuan, accounting for 80% of commercial output worth of the city; billion in annual output worth of business enterprises to extend three, a total of twenty three, total output price was 10.thirty four billion yuan, accounting for 47.five% of business output worth of the town. Equipment manufacturing trade is the fashionable producing business, Dalang City, the main body of the Great Long the leading industries. The city of existing equipment manufacturing enterprises in 571, involving numerical control machine tools, automated machinery, precision molds, precision electronic parts, injection molding auxiliary equipment in areas like in 2007, ninety equipment producing enterprises higher than designated size industrial output price of 10.0 billion accounting for city forty six% of total industrial output value. Dalang contains a giant number of trade leaders, such as: Ming-steel mould mould product company annual production 31 thousand tons, ranking second in the domestic same business; International Machinery Company annual production of nearly a hundred sets of huge CNC machine tools, is that the one amongst the few One among the manufacturers; Alfa Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. 4000 annual robot units, the second highest output within the country; McNair’s annual production of varied sorts of secondary batteries 150 million, the assembly scale of the country’s fourth largest ; Huaxin vacant copper wire and cable company’s annual output of 125,000 tons, ranking first in the same industry; letter Yi Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. annual production of injection molding auxiliary equipment 24000 units, ranking first in the country, the planet’s sixth; China Electronics Corporation Year production of capacitors, resistors total of 204 billion, single-plant production scale of the world. Dalang Town, in the choice of the best support the robust and vigorous implementation of the strategy, the big range of robust businesses, dominant enterprises, growing stronger and larger enterprises are accelerating. rnEmerging industries is rising. Tai Long settled in major scientific and technological devices. National “Eleventh 5-Year” amount to start out a major scientific devices – China Spallation Neutron Supply Project (CSNS), 2007 Nian a pair of was formally settled in Dalang, coming up with 1,000 acres of land for a complete investment of 2 billion yuan, the project has completed the geological survey . CSNS is Taiwan’s 1st high-current proton accelerator based mostly on a high-tech major device platforms. The development of the project will fill gaps in the field of pulsed neutron applications, shortening the field for thirty years with the vanguard of the gap between the world’s next generation of four-pulse spallation neutron source is one of the neutron flux after the United States and Japan, , more than the number of the United Kingdom is scheduled to run previous South Korea, Germany, India, Scandinavia and Spain to make the project, with a robust international competitiveness. CSNS settled in Dalang can enable the fast rise of Dalang City to become a science and technology, gather a massive variety of the planet’s top scientists and high-end industrial experimental users, birth medication, new materials, new energy and a large range of emerging industries, for economic and social pairs of Dalang economic restructuring and industry upgrading and concrete upgrading, etc. give a important ******. Info trade begun to take shape. City total electronic data product producing enterprises, laptop services and software company 200, including electronic info product manufacturing corporations 164, pc service corporations, software companies 36. Culture and sports industries thrived, days, and the prosperity of the domain Opera CBA basketball team in the new century home of the hit, giving birth to a variety of related industries. rnAbility of independent innovation frequently being enhanced. Dalang Town, there are 15 provincial high-tech enterprises, provincial and private technology enterprises 9, town private science and technology enterprises 33; a company post-doctoral analysis stations, two provincial, municipal engineering and technology research and development centers; seven brands in Guangdong Province merchandise, five Guangdong Famous Trademark, four national inspection-free products; 802 patents, together with 32 invention patents, utility model patents, 302, 468 look patents. In 2007 the town licensed 173 patents, many of whom would really like to induce a pc style company to improve pc performance motherboard motherboard layout methods and their patents to fill the pc’s motherboard specification of our technology gap. An open economy and the quality significantly. Dalang City, expanding gap up, optimize the open structure, and specialize in the introduction of domestic and foreign well-known brands, trade leading enterprises, listed companies, effectively improving the standard of the open. 508 town of existing foreign-invested enterprises, the actual utilization of foreign capital more than 80 million, of which Samsung Steel Processing Co., Ltd., Bombardier power product plant for the planet’s prime five hundred-invested enterprises, China Electronics, Sichuan and flying metal technology, delivery up to the number of precision Mildew and alternative 14 enterprises listed overseas companies to speculate in companies. In 2007, the city sturdy growth in foreign capital utilization, quality significantly increased, the particular utilization of foreign investment two hundred million U.S. dollars (recent-caliber), the agreement 163 million U.S. bucks of contracted foreign capital, a rise of seventy six%; the typical registered capital of 2.41 million U.S. greenbacks every, of that five million U.S. bucks Item six higher than, increasing 3. Attract investment to more expand the field, not solely the introduction of the Fujian SBS Zipper and alternative industrial enterprises, but additionally introduced a letter to the United States Anda file management, logistics and other producer services Rainbow. Domestic and foreign invested enterprises in the city of listed firms up to 17. rnOverflowing with vitality of the modern service industry. Dalang City, the fast industrial development, especially in commerce, hotels, transportation, logistics, culture and different urban infrastructure facilities in a very range of continuous improvement to accelerate the development of modern service industry. In 2007, the town of individual industrial and business households, the amount of registered non-public enterprises reached 16.9 thousand, a rise of 20.5%, total retail sales of 1.seventy three billion yuan of social shopper product, a rise of 20.five%. With Changsheng Square, led by Changsheng Space, is changing into a group of economic finance, and hospitality, creative display, sports, culture, entertainment, leisure and high living, etc. Yetai in one, leading client fashion urban functions complex, city-commerce Cultural Center space, Dalang city living room. China? Dalang Woolen Trade Center is that the domestic wool business, the largest and most advanced exhibition facilities, a yearly “weaving Truthful”, flow, like weaving. In keeping with provincial standards for style and construction of a large Long automotive passenger terminal to send passengers on more than 1 trillion times. Dalang international logistics center, day care traffic a lot of than 1,000 tons can be shipped directly to cities and cities additional than a thousand nationwide and a lot of than thirty countries and regions to form a collection of freight forwarding, warehousing in one logistics service system. Dorsett Garden Hotel could be a five-star platinum standards in accordance with international design and construction of huge-scale business and leisure hotel. City existing hotel Hotel eighty five, in that a 5-star standard hotel, 3 four-star commonplace hotel, space 4500, 5600 beds; a comprehensive fifteen looking malls, business space of seventy six,000 sq. meters. rnUrban agglomeration power is growing. Improved water and electricity facilities, 110-kilovolt substation level 3, 220-kilovolt substation level one; water plant’s annual water volume of 90 million tons or a lot of; is stepping up construction of 220 kilovolt level (Xiangshan) power transmission project, daily water provide three hundred,000 tons of recent water supply plant, giant Lamson Lake sewage treatment plant south of the main trunk pipeline network engineering and cutting pollution, flood control and drainage infrastructure, disaster mitigation, covering the city’s public transport system. Fast rise of land business to make clean water Tianyuan, Tim one ranking, Ming the home, beautiful home, wealth, mansion and other realty projects. The building of latest countryside walking in the forefront of town, was designated as the city’s apartment-building pilot farmers, long pond, a replacement Buddha, Po Po, school chairs wais farmers built apartment occupancy, a complete of fifty three, 1618 sets; seeking Fu Road Farmers apartment soon capped A complete of fourteen, 404 units; Lane head, Hong Mei, Cai border and alternative communities (villages) are coming up with to build an apartment farmers. In 2007, the town of additional than 1500 million within the preparation of monetary provision controlled detailed designing, Changsheng Area and Silver Long Space for urban design, town-controlled land for building laws to realize full coverage. Invested thirty two million yuan upgrade of the Buddha method loose, smooth to secure investment and construction of Songshan Lake Avenue, town section, Dalang, Dalang City, initially engineered up a heap of house with the Songshan Lake interacting with each alternative to attract each alternative in public centers and industrial capabilities to undertake co-operation, transport direct access to major roads development pattern. Increasingly sophisticated urban functions, attracting a robust flow of individuals, merchandise and capital flow convergence Tai Long. rnThe standard of life in general. The top of 2007 the balance of 7.ninety four billion yuan deposits in urban and rural residents increased 5.four%, the rural per capita net income of 13.75 thousand yuan, an increase of 8%. Health care services in rural areas to additional improve the protection system, the new Big Pine Lake Branch Long Hospital, Tai Long Branch up to 13 hospitals, rural health protection of farmers in the insured rate was 100%. Our insistence on “one thousand Dry Rotary a thousand twinning helping” and alternative activities to any improve the lives of vulnerable groups. To actively do the “One Care”, “spring action”, “City Stream action” and other activities, the effective care of people the new wan. Employment, entrepreneurship solid progress, the establishment of the town, community (village) levels of public employment service platform to assist 2381 “mo’s” transformation of the use drivers. To comprehensively strengthen the comprehensive management of social order, continuing to carry out the “three little” establishments and rental fire safety, motorbike, black bars, illegal medical observe, product quality and food safety special rectification action, social order is a lot of important improvement, important improvement in production and living surroundings lots satisfaction rising.

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