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Checkmate: India gears up to combat rising credit card defaults‏

08.04.2009 · Posted in Computer Articles

In a recent development against rising credit card defaults, Indian government has introduced a revolutionary step. With its new PIN policy, the bankers and other institutions are now gearing up for additional security to the users, which will check the fraudulent activities.rnrnSince August 1, all the online buyers who love to spend through credit cards now have to provide an additional PIN number as an additional security before making any purchase. Hence, you have to remember the Personal Identification Number (PIN)/password for your credit or debit cards, otherwise forget about using them.rnrnThe new PIN or password can be called as a second level of security before completion of the transaction so that even if somebody notes your card number, he cannot misuse it for online shopping. When a person enters your credit card number on the merchant

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