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Change Your Vehicle Fuel System To Save Money

10.15.2009 · Posted in Technology Articles

Bashing big business has develop into a cottage industry these days, so let me be totally clear regarding one detail. There is utterly NOTHING unethical with businesses making a profit. I am a business man myself, in fact, and I understand that profit is a delightful thing. The fact is, without profit our families cannot eat, or at least not very well.rnrnWhat is improper, though, is when big business cheats people in order to receive higher profits. When methods such as deceit or manipulating the truth for the sole rationale of making their coffer bulge, something is off balance and needs to change. It seems as if that is precisely what Big Oil has been doing for almost two decades now and indeed, something has to change.rnrnStrictly guarded secrets connecting the politics of Oil are now being scrutinized, and so they should be. In these swiftly changing times, we simply cannot continue to live with the status quo. The time for change is now and this change is being caused by powerful forces, the least of which is not only the price of gas. The powerful force is the Truth, and it is one of the positive side effects of the information age. rnrnWith information comes knowledge, with knowledge comes wisdom and with wisdom comes power. Power of the People to make a categorical difference!rnrnWe now plainly see the harm that burning of fossil fuels is having on our Earth, and we recognize the option of doing business as business has always been done, is an old saying that no longer works. This is partiularly true now because we plainly see the future of our Earth is quite plainly at stake. It is profusely obvious that Alternate Fuel is one of our main solutions! rnrnBrace yourself if you have not learnt about this before because what I am about to tell you may transform your vision of reality and come as a disappointing shock. None the less, how ever betrayed you may well feel, fear not because there is a way to balance scales.rnrnThe ***** little secret that Big Oil has hidden and kept from us for years is that water is power! That does not mean big hydroelectric power dams that cover tens or hundreds of square miles either. It means raw power from simple tap water in a device less than the size of a shoe box! What?…You say?….rnrnDo you know what a water Hydrolyzer is? Most likely not, but it is not difficult to perceive. It is a device that lets you turn ordinary water into a combustible gas. That word COMBUSTIBLE is significant because, even if you do not know how your car engine works, you probably DO know that its called an internal COMBUSTION engine. That means it burns the fuel we all know is gasoline.rnrnEveryone knows that burning gasoline is *****, damages our atmosphere and warms our planet. What we may not understand is that burning fuel in reality decreases the lifespan of engines as well! I am not kidding! It essentially makes your cars motor wear out much more rapidly than it is supposed to.rnrnWith the coming of of the hydrolyzer, we can now change car engines to water-fueled systems. Think about the power of this awareness! Big Oil hopes you will never find this out. In fact, they have recognized about it for years, but they have not told anyone. When the information did get out, most people considered it was too hard to do, so they kept paying through the nose at the fuel pump.rnrnHere is the icing on the cake, it essentially is drop-dead easy to change your vehicle to run on water fuel. It requires a few bucks in parts, some water from a faucet or hose, and the dexterity to install it (or have it installed) but the truth is, you can most likely change your vehicle fuel system for less than the price of a few of tanks of gas!rnrnOn average, vehicles that have changed over to hydrolyzed fuel systems improve their gas mileage by at least 50%. I know it may sound too good to be true, but its not. Big Oil has simply kept this information hidden but not anymore! The cat is now officially out of the bag, you can have a water powered vehicle… rnrnThere is a genuine paradigm shift occuring right now, and we are a part of it!!! This is not just the hip or hype thing to say. Water truly is Power and the age of Earth Friendly Fuel is upon us.

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