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ccWater fuel versus Gas fuel

01.13.2009 · Posted in Technology Articles

Researchers have come out with a research showing that seawater when exposed to Radio Frequency loosens the bonds which hold the constituents of seawater- sodium chloride, hydrogen and oxygen. If the hydrogen which is released, is ignited will continuously burn if exposed to radio frequency energy field. The flame burnt at a temperature more than 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, producing a lot of energy. This discovery created an interest to use water as source to generate energy, which is available abundantly.rnrnGas fuel, also known as fossil fuel, is obtained by burning gaseous substances which gives out enough energy in form of heat that can be used as fuel. It can be easily liquefied and can be transported through pipes. There are a number of gas fuels available like Natural Gas, LPG, Oil Gas, Coal Gas, Producer Gas and Water Gas.rnrnWater energy can be used as fuel for cars. The two major problems we are facing today are that the prices of fuel are rising higher day-by-day and other problem is the Global Warming due to air and water pollution. The smoke from vehicles is the main cause of air pollution. rnrn* Water fuel can help control air pollution as it doesn

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