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Knowledge Management Welfares

11.16.2008 · Posted in Technology Articles

Whenever you determine on investment in a new strategy, programme, procedure, or project, you want to make sure that it is really worth investing and value-adding. You also take to examine the cost-benefits of such an investment and the light or value that you get out of that investment. These are some issues that need ...

Making a Support Plan

11.16.2008 · Posted in Technology Articles

Your company's information may be its near remarkable plus. Guess a grand corporation with billions of dollars of account collect and bill payable information stored on their net. A fire causes great data exit. How lots work would be wanted to copy the lost information? Without supports, the company may not endure the disaster. ...

3D Modeling in Transportation Flowing

11.15.2008 · Posted in Technology Articles

We need to take over the engineering that the military usages for the Battleground 4D holographical pretenses in the Net-centric War Battlespace and transmit this technology to help the DOT and DHS foretell how to sustain the distribution systems are moving in our State in real-time. We demand supervise the trend and keep flows moving ...