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07.09.2008 · Posted in Technology Articles

UMTS (Universal Mobile Telephone Service) is a third generation (3G) cellular technology, which provides data speeds up to 2 Mbps making portable videophones a reality. UMTS was developed and standardized by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standard Institute) within the ITU's IMT-200 framework. The technology is optimized to allow state of the art, very high-speed multimedia services ...

Define Global Catalog

07.09.2008 · Posted in Technology Articles

Domains and Forests can also share resources available in active directory. These resources are searched by Global Catalog across domains and forests and this search is transparent to user. For example, if you make a search for all of the printers in a forest, this search goes to global catalog server for its query and ...

Tomy Baby Sshh – Gadgets at Find-me-a-gift

07.07.2008 · Posted in Technology Articles

Baby Shhh has been designed to help settle and calm your little One Bee and Frog characters are available both are brightly coloured and eye catching once activated they play scientifically designed melodies with a constantly changing tempo and powerful curiosity triggers to help baby forget the reason for crying ...

CRM Microsoft Software

07.06.2008 · Posted in Technology Articles

Microsoft CRM is CRM answer from Microsoft Business Solutions. If you compare it to other traditional CRM applications, such as Siebel - you will see that Microsoft CRM does use all the resent Microsoft technologies, that means that Microsoft targets its CRM to Windows market exclusively, plus this means that Microsoft CRM is more difficult ...

Mobile CRM Software

07.06.2008 · Posted in Technology Articles

Mobile CRM is emerging into the mainstream as an excellent method of relaying information between marketing and sales personnel. Busy sales and marketing professionals on the road can now communicate quickly and effectively through mobile CRM. Mobile CRM refers to the use of a mobile device to conduct any CRM related activities, including mobile phones, ...