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Some Blu Ray Disc Features

07.11.2008 · Posted in Technology Articles

As Bob Dylan would say, "Times, they are a changin." It was hard to imagine that home movie viewing could get any better once the DVD replaced VHS tapes, but now Sony's Blu Ray disc player has revolutionized how we experience audio, visual and interactive features encoded onto our new DVD movies. ...

Where To Find Blu Ray Reviews

07.10.2008 · Posted in Technology Articles

Looking for Blu Ray reviews that give you more than just a movie synopsis? After all, the additional features are what have film producers, retail giants and movie geeks alike excited. Sony promised more interactivity, more featurettes, more audio channels and more picture definition. Now it's time to see if these were shallow promises or ...


07.09.2008 · Posted in Technology Articles

UMTS (Universal Mobile Telephone Service) is a third generation (3G) cellular technology, which provides data speeds up to 2 Mbps making portable videophones a reality. UMTS was developed and standardized by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standard Institute) within the ITU's IMT-200 framework. The technology is optimized to allow state of the art, very high-speed multimedia services ...