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Advantages of Data Cleaning Tools

09.11.2009 · Posted in Technology Articles

Invest in data cleaning tools for reducing costs associated with repetitive, duplicate or erroneous data. Eventually you will save on un-necessary mails, server cost and other such costs. An example of duplicate data is data associated with the same person, one using his first name and the next using his middle name. So, when ...

Selecting The Right Ebook Reader That Is Best For You

09.11.2009 · Posted in Technology Articles

It can be hard to choose the best ebook reader for yourself when the market is growing almost daily. With new readers coming out in all different sizes and supporting all different kinds of files, knowing which one suits you best may require you to do a little research. But not always about the reader, ...

The M Edge Kindle Cover- A Best Buy eReader Cover?

09.11.2009 · Posted in Technology Articles

If you would be spending for about $300 for a particular device, you would like to make sure that you can also get something to protect it. And if you would like to get something that is worth a try when it comes to protecting your gadget, you can check out the M Edge Kindle ...

The Amazon Kindle DX: Can It Save The Newspaper Industry?

09.11.2009 · Posted in Technology Articles

Aside from being a revolutionary gadget that is taking reading to unexplored levels, the Amazon Kindle DX now has another important role: that of a savior to the ailing newspaper industry. Subscription plunged to such low levels that even the most respected papers have had to fold-up or make huge cuts in the budget, causing ...