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Remote Infrastructure Management for Customer IT

10.14.2009 · Posted in Technology Articles

The key to service delivery design in Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is in global network operation centers (NOCs). Top of the line features of RIM include the highest standards of maximal redundancy, high availability and total security. The spectrum of RIM services aims to reduce costs for the customer and maximize service levels. ...

The Implications of Early Case Assessment

10.14.2009 · Posted in Technology Articles

Early case assessment refers to estimating risk (cost of time and money) to prosecute or defend a legal case. Global organizations deal with legal discovery and disclosure requests for Electronically Stored Information "ESI" via e-discovery and hard copy paper (printed or bound) documents on a regular basis. ...

Make A Good Deal With Your Satellite TV Service Provider

10.13.2009 · Posted in Statellite Articles

Going with the modern satellite TV technology and Dish Network, you can now enjoy hundreds of channels and high end programming options with digital picture and sound quality. Most importantly satellite TV dish is cheaper than your cable service. This article will give you basic information about Satellite TV service options that will certainly help ...

Sony Ericsson W910i Black Payg- With Bluetooth and USB Cable

10.13.2009 · Posted in Technology Articles

Capture your memorable moments forever with Sony Ericsson W910i Black Payg as it is a camera phone and also has in-built music player and FM radio to listen to songs. ...

GPS Handheld Receiver

10.13.2009 · Posted in Technology Articles

Thanks to the relentless progress of today's technology, our standard of living has improved dramatically over the years. A perfect example of this is the introduction of GPS handheld receivers. In days gone by, the average person simply couldn't entertain the idea of exploring foreign lands for fear of getting lost. However, armed with a ...

Garmin Sat Nav

10.13.2009 · Posted in Technology Articles

You've probably seen the Garmin commercials that have come out around the Holiday Season for the past couple of years. A man is lost in his car while trying to do some Christmas shopping. Along the way, he picks up various Christmas characters off the street while a choir in the background sings the Garmin ...