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04.22.2006 · Posted in Beauty Articles

Honey is the result of some hardworking bees. It is the nectar collected from the flowers to dress upon the most mouth-watering desserts. With the passage of time honey has continued to be one of the main ingredients for skin care. ...

Buying Diamonds: Selecting the Best Company

04.22.2006 · Posted in Jewelry Articles

Diamond shoppers today have more choices than ever on where to buy their diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings and other diamond jewelry items. However, with greater selections come bigger potential risks and rewards. ...

Do You Have Enough Jewelry Insurance?

04.22.2006 · Posted in Jewelry Articles

Jewelry insurance comes in many forms and varieties and only an insurance agent can provide accurate and specific advice. However, it helps to know enough about jewelry insurance to ask your agent the right questions. ...

Keep the Sparkle in Your Diamond

04.22.2006 · Posted in Jewelry Articles

Diamonds are extremely hard and durable. Take care of your diamond by avoiding breaks and scratches and keep it clean. With good care, your diamond will have the same sparkle and beauty in ten, a hundred or a thousand years. ...

Protect Your Jewelry When Traveling

04.22.2006 · Posted in Jewelry Articles

If you have travel plans in your future, think carefully if you really need to take all your expensive jewelry. The risk of theft, loss and damage increases as soon as you start your trip because you are in new surroundings. ...