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Freshwater Pearl

02.18.2012 · Posted in Jewelry Articles

A gem with an aura of mysticism, freshwater pearl is an ageless ornament. This cultured pearl is molded by freshwater mussels which live in ponds, lakes and rivers. When an irritant is rnrninserted in to an oyster, it coats the particle with a substance called nacre. A pearl is formed with layers of nacre. ...

Tips for Choosing Unique Diamond Rings for Your Wedding

02.15.2012 · Posted in Jewelry Articles

Are you a man who wants to please his future spouse? Do you lover her so much that you would make anything for her? Well, if so, we can help you to find and explore her weakness. When it comes to jewelries and weddings, a woman tends to look for unique diamond rings, in order ...

Stainless Steel Jewelry Paradigm Shift

02.14.2012 · Posted in Jewelry Articles

The once ignored metal is becoming the material-of-choice to many jewelry designers nowadays. This includes high end brands and renowned fashion icons who are presenting runway collections that incorporate men's and women's jewelries together with precious metals and gems. ...

Silver Jewels are the most popular beautiful substitute for gold and platinum jewelry

02.11.2012 · Posted in Jewelry Articles

Jewelry is the most precious assets of a woman. Modernization has changed the fashion trends and popularized Silver jewels. Not only women, but men do have a growing interest to obtain jewelry that would make them stylish and improve their looks. ...