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The Truth About Loneliness In Love

04.03.2012 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

Some sociologists have found through researching loneliness that one in every three to four households is a single person household during the current century. Compare that to the 1950s when one in every 10 households was a single person dwelling, and you can see that loneliness is a bigger problem than ever before. Considering that ...

Loneliness And Isolation – A Deadly Combo

04.03.2012 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

Loneliness and isolation are not really the same thing, but they can have a very unhealthy relationship linking them together. In order to avoid the negative effects of these two things, one must first understand what loneliness is, and what isolation is, and then one must know how the two correlate. If you feel like ...

Three Key Considerations For Surviving Without Friends

03.30.2012 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

Friends are an important part of everyone's life. They provide companionship, support and advice. But let's face it, friends can also be a source of pain and anguish. While most of us balance our lives with the ups and downs of friends, sometimes we find ourselves without any friends at all. This can be a ...

Sevensteps To Flourishing Without Friends

03.30.2012 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

Being without friends can be a painful situation, but it is important to move on and deal with one's situation. In fact being without friends for a period can provide one with an opportunity to clear the mind and refocus one's efforts on the important things in life. It can also mean adding to personal ...

Managing Life Without Friends- Five Simple Tips

03.30.2012 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

Many people don't realize how much we rely on friends until we find ourselves without them. This can be either a conscious decision to simplify life and focus on the self, or a sudden realization that can bring on bouts of sadness and even despair. In either case, it is possible to manage, and yes ...

Getting By Friendless- 12 Simple Tips For Survival

03.30.2012 · Posted in Self Improvement Articles

Friends and friendship can be over-rated (depending on one's friends!). Whether you suddenly find yourself friendless due to a new situation, or decide that for a period friends have no place in your life, it is good to arm yourself with a few helpful ideas for getting through the time and even enjoying it! ...