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Education – Colleges or Universities To Support Choices in Careers or Jobs

02.11.2006 · Posted in College Articles

To "Do college"...or "Not To Do college"...that is the question. This is one of the many huge decisions high school students and their families have to make in their lives. It is so serious that some parents have already planned for their children's college education even while they were still infants or sometimes even before they ...

The Keys to Obtaining and Refinancing Your College Loan

02.11.2006 · Posted in College Articles

The arena of "college loans" is often a difficult and brutal one. Add to this the often confusing and stressful task of refinancing loans where appropriate and you have - Questions! Lots's of them and precious few answers to be found. "How much do you really need"? "What do college loans cover"? e.t.c. This ...