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Website Localization, is it Necessary?

03.05.2008 · Posted in Language Articles

Nearly 65% of all Internet users speak a different language than English therefore a website only in English is potentially losing thousands of visitors a day. Sites in English are often chosen as examples to illustrate the necessity of website localization because it's a powerful reminder that not even the English language as dominant ...

How to take advantage of online counseling

03.04.2008 · Posted in Psychology Articles

With the internet becoming something that people are accessing nearly every day of their lives, more and more people are going to the internet to find answers and help instead of going to speak with professionals in person. ...

The Quality Of Your VOIP Solution Lies With The Weakest Link

03.03.2008 · Posted in Communication Articles

The most reliable of all VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solutions will always perform in accordance with the quality of the data connection involved. In determining just how well your proposed VOIP solution will work for you, look no further than your weakest data connection. ...

Binge Eating

03.01.2008 · Posted in Psychology Articles

Binge eating affects way too many people across North America. It is a way for people to deal with their stress, depression or with low self-esteem. Food can be a real comfort, but when it turns into a binge every couple of days that causes a major gain in weight, it might be time to ...

What Can A Home Telescope Do?

02.28.2008 · Posted in Science Articles

A astronomical telescope is a powerful scientific instrument. It is possible for you to find a astronomical telescope which allows you to view the Moon, our local planets, and stars and galaxies millions of light years away from us! And all this from your back yard is possible with astronomical telescopes. ...

Have a question in mind? Then why not try brainbashing.

02.23.2008 · Posted in Reference and Education Articles

If you are looking out for answers from different people for your question lingering in your mind, then there is no better place than brainbashing. ...