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Adult ADHD: Are You An Idea Machine?

07.25.2006 · Posted in Persnl Development Articles

It's true: people with Adult ADHD come up with 10 more great ideas in a single day than people without Adult ADHD do in a week. Problem is, we get distracted by these new ideas and don't ever finish the old ones! Find out the trick to using your new ideas without getting distracted from ...

Credit your Prior Experience with Online Life Experience Degrees

07.24.2006 · Posted in College Articles

In the world today, online learning offers the flexibility and convenience many students need to obtain a college education. Unfortunately, many college transcripts fail to show a student ...

How to Read a Person by Looking at Their Personal Hygiene

07.22.2006 · Posted in Psychology Articles

An individual's level of personal hygiene can provide you with some very useful information about their personality and what is going on in their current lives. This article will help you make personality assessments based on hygiene. ...

Adult ADHD and Fear: Why We Procrastinate

07.19.2006 · Posted in Time Management Articles

If you have Adult ADHD symptoms, chances are you procrastinate when you need to choose one thing and get started on it. Why is this? Find out why people with Adult ADHD fear getting started, and how to beat this ADHD symptom once and for all... ...