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Carlos Arroyo May Land With the Clippers

09.05.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

In recent NBA news, Carlos Arroyo is currently being looked at by the Clippers. Arroyo would play the backup role behind Baron Davis (his time share with Sebastian Telfair would be unclear at this point). With the first overall draft pick of Blake Griffin and a core of veterans surrounding him, it looks like the ...

Hiring Basketball Trainers: Key to Safe and Effective Training

09.05.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

Do you love to play hoops either as just a pastime or as a professional player? Height does matter in this sport and if you are adequate in this category, you can surely find the right playing position that you can become good at. ...

Jump For Success

09.04.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

Jump for Success Jump higher exercises can put you on a higher plain in basketball, both literally and figuratively. You can get advice from the a Hall of Fame player who will give you exercises geared toward making vertical jumping an important part of your training regimen. ...

Increase Jumping Ability – Sports And Athletics Training

09.04.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

To get an edge in sports, you can increase jumping ability. When you see a Hall of Fame athlete during his career, and chances are, you will see a guy who is always looking for an edge. Some get by on natural ability, but most are out there giving it the extra workout, ...

Important Differences in Golf Iron Sets

09.04.2009 · Posted in Golf Articles

Many golfers insist that the easiest irons to handle are those with a large cavity-back, thicker top line and a very large face.Substantial number of golfers still prefer forged iron sets because they feel better and they give the ball a good workout. For better hitting, irons have been designed to make room for thick ...

MMA Flashback: ‘Babalu’ Cuts Up Southworth To Take Strikeforce Title

09.04.2009 · Posted in Recreation Articles

Renato Babalu Sobral defeated Bobby Southworth by TKO to become Strikeforce light heavyweight champion at the Destruction card. Despite leaving with the belt around his waist, it wont be the centerpiece of Babalus highlight reel with the way it transpired. ...