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Fishing Vancouver Island The Best Salt And Fresh Water Sites

10.16.2009 · Posted in Fishing Articles

British Columbia is recognized as being one of the best game fishing spots in the whole world, and fishing Vancouver Island is the place to be to enjoy this. The "Salmon Capital of the World" and "Fly Fishing Capital of Canada" are not just statements of here-say, these are real accolades and it is the ...

Crappie Secret

10.15.2009 · Posted in Fishing Articles

One of the best kept crappie secret are "crappie holes". If you are a avid crappie angler, you know crappie holes hold crappie and you can catch an amazing batch of crappie in a very short period of time. Why? Because they offer protection to crappie... but not from you! Here's what ...

Talking about Big Bass Fishing Adventures.

09.29.2009 · Posted in Fishing Articles

When your talking about big bass fishing you can't go just anywhere to catch big bass. You need to know where to go, and when to go. These two items of big bass fishing will let you become a master. Once you have mastered these two concepts rest assured you're becoming a better fisherman then ...