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The best camping gear for beginners in the UK

The best camping gear for beginners in the UK

Whether you’re planning to travel across the continent in a motorhome or you prefer an old-fashioned tent in the great outdoors, we can all agree that there are some camping essentials you need to get through an adventure in the wilderness.

You could spend hours intricately ...

Wearable pop-up personal tent

A few years back, my older brother Rick Pescovitz invented the "Under the Weather Pod," a single-person pop-up shelter to sit inside. It's designed for spectator sports, fishing, and other outdoor events where it's raining but you are either obligated to watch or having so much fun you don't want to leave. Most recently, ...

This #vanlife is not all it is cracked up to be

Oh, the joys of #vanlife!

I was checking up on my Vanagon yesterday and noticed the coolant was low. Missing coolant is very bad in a Vanagon for many, many reasons.

I looked for a leak.

I could not find a leak. It was possible the car had just burped an air bubble and swallowed a cup or ...

Stranded family saved by message in a bottle

This summer, Curtis Whitson, his girlfriend, and 13-year-old son were hiking in Central California when they became stranded in a canyon near a waterfall with no way out. They had planned to float down the waterfall but the current was too strong. Apparently there's usually a rappelling rope attached to bolted carabiners at the spot, ...

#Vanlife: Camping California’s coast — Gaviota State Beach

This is post is part of a series of reviews of Federal, State, and County provided campsites along California's amazing coastline.

I mistakenly thought Gaviota State Beach was Refugio State Beach. It is not.

Another parking lot style campsite adjacent to a fairly lovely California beach! Gaviota features a lot of bunnies, all of ...