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Stop The Extinction of Life

12.18.2008 · Posted in Other Misc. Articles

Time to WAKE up. We are asking if you are really there, and want to stop the extinction of life, If NOT we are all going to Die ! It's that simple ! Otherwise we will definitely say you are mentally BLIND ! We are not fooling around, like the rest of this world. They ...

Australian Fashion Trends

12.05.2008 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

Fashion varies with time and location. People of different place have different fashion taste. Australian fashion has a lot more casual approach compared to European fashion. ...

The Luxury Of Cashmere Scarves

12.04.2008 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

All outfits can benefit from smart accessorising and a scarf is generally the most versatile but underused fashion accessories there is. One of the most versatile scarf fabrics is cashmere, with cashmere scarves being used by women to great effect whatever the occasion. ...