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Create and print your own perfectly-gridded paper

Rostislav Blaha created gridzzly, a simple single-page website where you pick the type of grid you want (lines, square, triangle, hex, dotted), set the size of the grid units and the weight of the line, then hit print. Voila! Custom gridded paper.

Here's what I got:

Good enough for government work. Read the rest


Know About The Top Most Web Development Trends in 2019

12.25.2018 · Posted in Web Articles, Writing and Speaking

Did you know that websites have their own importance to represent any business online? Web development helps in interaction with the audience and generates more and more business day-by-day. It has evolved drastically from the past 5 years. You should know that continuous evolutions are going on and now, the web development industry has reached ...

Dark Reader: dark mode for any website

Dark Reader is a browser plugin, availabe for Firefox, Safari and Chrome, that gives any website a light-on-dark color scheme. Unlike some other efforts, it inverts images too. Images tend to look rather psychedelic, but surely the best approach short of some radical AI-powered cropping bot that can detect meaningful objects in images.

Tumblr bans all adult content, such as “female-presenting *******”

Tumblr, the mainstream web's last redoubt for niche ****, is going to clean house. The social blogging platform is banning all adult material on December 17.

Banned content includes photos, videos, and GIFs of human genitalia, female-presenting *******, and any media involving *** acts, including illustrations. The exceptions include **** classical statues and political protests ...

Creating your Business website Credibility by Responsiveness

11.27.2018 · Posted in Web Articles

As a matter of fact, this is the world of electronic media. In simple words, our globe has become a digital globe. In the past, general stores made of bricks and iron were used for the purpose of business. Just these stores described the purpose of business. But now, everything is getting change so rapidly. Like ...

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Top 5 Key Trends In Digital Marketing Shaping Your Company’s Future In 2018

11.01.2018 · Posted in Web Articles

With 2018 progressing, the Digital Marketing world- enveloping every online business around is evolving each day. Every aspect of this dynamic landscape, including SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Marketing, is witnessing a paradigm shift. If early 2000’s were all about going digital- getting online and mid decade dedicated to digital marketing, 2018 is ...

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Top 3 Breakthrough Innovations Powering Web Development

10.15.2018 · Posted in Web Articles

We Create, Excite & Inspire. Web designs can be seen from a technological standpoint. It has become a large part of people’s everyday lives. It is difficult to visualize the Internet without animated graphics, different styles of typography, background, and music. Website design and good style and substance seemed to take eminence over good mark-up ...

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The inventor of the internet is building the next stage of the web

10.01.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles, Web Articles

The World Wide Web looks nothing like Sir Tim Berners-Lee had envisioned, but almost 30 years after its inception, the renowned computer scientist has an idea that could fix it. He announced that he is taking a sabbatical from MIT to focus on Solid, a... ...


09.08.2018 · Posted in Web Articles

A Google search for the term- “Internet of Things” currently provides approximately 1,53,00,00,000 results and the count is proliferating day by day. The connection between the smart home wearable devices and the connected automobile is changing the way how we live and work. IoT has become a part of the popular parlance as it has ...