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The Importance of Solid Construction in an Instant Shelter

01.28.2012 · Posted in Gardening Articles

Buying an instant shelter is generally not very difficult, as the market is full of all sorts of diverse models. However, you shouldn't just jump at the cheapest solution available, as there's often a lot to benefit from making a careful and informed choice. ...

How to make a Hot bed for your Garden

01.28.2012 · Posted in Gardening Articles

An ingenious method of providing heat for tender plants, without the necessity for any elaborate electric heating wires, is to create a 'hotbed', that makes use of fresh horse dung to heat plant roots. That is the way those nineteenth century gardeners used to do it. When the manure rots down it gives off ...

Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

01.20.2012 · Posted in Gardening Articles

Looking to replace or add to your pool or patio furniture collection but tired of the standard resin, plastic and rattan options that look cheap and respond poorly to inclement weather? Cast aluminum outdoor furniture adds a refined ambiance to your outdoor seating area that guests are guaranteed to notice, ...

Outdoor Bar Stools

01.13.2012 · Posted in Gardening Articles

Many home owners want furniture for their backyard that will enhance the outside of their home and make it appealing and looking great. One way of achieving this is by use of bar stools on the back yard patio. There are many different types of modern, beautifully crafted and well designed bar stools. These come ...