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Better than Botox? There are a Few Skin Treatments that Give Botox a Run for the Money.

04.01.2006 · Posted in Anti-Aging and Beauty

Botox is now used internationally for temporary removal of wrinkles, frowns, etc... It is the norm in Hollywood. There are a few other treatments that are cheaper and have longer lasting effects. Two of them are backed by thousands of doctors, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. ...

Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Diagnosis and Treatment

03.30.2006 · Posted in Other Health Articles

An "impacted wisdom tooth" is the third molar that has failed to arise completely into its expected position. Not only it is difficult to remove after the ages of late teens or early twenties, the healing time is much longer. ...

5 Steps To A Better Body That Anyone Can Take

03.30.2006 · Posted in Weight Issues Articles

If only there were a 'better body boot camp', we'd be there every April - before spring started to show itself and those lovely winter jackets had to come off. Although this isn't a better body boot camp, this article can offer you 5 practical steps to a better body that anyone can take. ...