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Male Penile Shapes — Normal and Abnormal, and What They Mean

10.16.2018 · Posted in Health Articles

Everyone knows penises can range in size from Michelangelo’s David to adult-entertainer, Remington Steele. However, there’s not a lot of talk about the shape of the manhood. Yet its shape has a big effect on pleasure for a partner, but also on a man’s health. Let’s talk a little about male penile shapes, normal and ...

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China’s Dabeinong says suspected African swine fever case on affiliated firm: China Securities Journal

10.16.2018 · Posted in Fitness Articles, Health Articles

Major animal feed and pig breeding firm Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co Ltd said on Tuesday an affiliated firm has culled nearly 20,000 pigs due to a suspected case of African swine fever, according to a report by the state media China Securities... ...

Watch This Funky Electric Méhari Get High

The original one, not the new one The Citroën e-Méhari looks like a pretty fun car to drive and we’d like to see Bjorn Nyland take one for a spin sometime. In the meantime, our favorite Asian-Norwegian electric vehicle YouTuber has just the thing to tide us over: an adventure in an electrified version of the original plastic-bodied ...