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CUPRA Reveals Formentor Plug-In Hybrid SUV Ahead Of Geneva

CUPRA Formentor joins electrifying Geneva Motor Show CUPRA, Seat‘s performance brand, will be back at the Geneva Motor Show with a new plug-in concept. After the racing all-electric Cupra e-Racer, this year the company will unveil its first model developed specifically for the brand. Meet the CUPRA Formentor, a high-performance plug-in hybrid for the first anniversary ...

Study tracking people who ate zombie deer meat found no ill-effects, so far

Zombie deer disease is a clicktastic term for chronic wasting disease, a spongiform ecephalopathy suffered by ungulates. Much like Mad Cow Disease, Scrapie in sheep, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob's disease in humans, misfolded proteins slowly destroy the brain, causing listlessness, discoordination, dementia and finally death. Now, what if you were to eat Zombie Deer?

On March 13, ...