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Martha Stewart’s pressure cooker is so much prettier than the Instant ***

10.29.2019 · Posted in Cooking Articles, Technology Articles

TL;DR: Martha Stewart's 7-in-1 pressure cooker can do everything the Instant *** Duo can do, and the 8-quart model is on sale for $79.99 — a $30 savings and much cheaper than the competition. The last thing any of us want to do is cook an... ...

Hosting Thanksgiving? This KitchenAid mixer bundle will help.

10.24.2019 · Posted in Cooking Articles, Technology Articles

TL;DR: This KitchenAid stand mixer bundle includes a food grinder attachment, and you can get it on sale on Amazon for just $259.99. (It's valued at $439.98, so you'll be saving just over 40%.) Show me a home cook who thinks they're capable of weath... ...

Food Network Kitchen brings live, interactive cooking classes to Echo Show, Fire TV & more

Someone is finally putting the Echo Show to good use. Today, Discovery announced the U.S. launch of its Food Network Kitchen subscription service which will bring daily live and on-demand cooking classes as well as on-demand classes, step-by-step instructional cooking videos, and more to Amazon Echo devices, including the smart screen Echo Show, as well ...

Fantastic wireless thermometer for the BBQ or grill

Digital thermometers are a great tool when slow cooking meat.

It is pretty easy to under or overcook meat on the grill. Monitoring the internal temperature of your food, as you cook it, is a really good way to be sure that food is as done as you want it and no more. This affordable ...

Honey whole wheat sourdough pizza dough

Last night I made honey whole wheat sourdough pizza crust. It was quite good.

As a kid, there was a pizza place in my hometown that made a deep-dish pizza with a whole wheat crust. It was great, I tried and I couldn't replicate it. Then I substituted honey instead of sugar.

This simple crust is good.

Honey ...