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Airbnb now lets you take cooking classes with locals from 75+ countries

Did you really travel to a foreign country if you didn't stuff your face with local food? Apparently, Airbnb wants you to do more than just stuffing your face. It wants you to get your hands *****.  Airbnb on Monday introduced "Cooking" to its l... ...

Best Black Friday air fryer deals today: Ninja, Chefman, and more

11.25.2019 · Posted in Cooking Articles, Technology Articles

Shopping when you're hungry can cause you to buy a lot of unnecessary thingsAn air fryer is not one of those things. If you've had an air fryer on your list of items to grab this holiday season, you don't have to wait until the clock strikes Black Fr... ...

Pairing guide: ‘Pop-tarts and Fine Whiskeys’

You never knew you needed it. Now you have it.

Pop-tarts and Fine Whiskeys, a Pairing Guide,” by IMGURian @acetech09. Yes, it includes rums and sake and other liquors.

Pop-****: Cookies & Creme Spirit*: Zacapa XO, Guatemala ***

The creamy, chocolately, and surprisingly tasty richness of this pasty is quite satisfying. Zacapa XO is an equally decadent ...

Sunset magazine suggests dosing your family with cannabis gravy at Thanksgiving

Talk about being irresponsible, Sunset posted an article that suggests serving a "THC-laced turkey gravy" as a way to avoid, or smooth over, uncomfortable conversations with your family at the Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year, filled with an overflowing table of food, football, and quality family time. It’s ...

Stand mixers on sale now that will arrive before Thanksgiving

11.22.2019 · Posted in Cooking Articles, Technology Articles

TL;DR: Need a stand mixer last-minute? Models from KitchenAid, Farberware, and Sunbeam are on pre-Black Friday sale at Walmart. Save up to $60.99 and choose free 2-day delivery at checkout. Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November every... ...

Walmart has the Ninja Foodi on sale now for Macy’s Black Friday price

11.13.2019 · Posted in Cooking Articles, Technology Articles

TL;DR: Walmart has the Ninja Foodi (6-quart) on sale for $169.99, which is the doorbuster price that Macy's listed in its Black Friday ad.  The only thing better than seeing an absolute steal in a Black Friday ad is finding that same price week... ...

Look at this ship’s cook prepare a meal in heavy seas

The Avontuur's cook, Lasse Scharz, is accustomed to making food under less-than-ideal conditions. In this video, the camera is fixed to the ship, so we don't see it rock. Instead we see Scharz comically leaning as plates fly off the counter as if enchanted.

[via Neatorama]

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YouTube star Grandpa Kitchen, who cooked gigantic meals for orphans, has died

11.01.2019 · Posted in Cooking Articles, Technology Articles

YouTube channel Grandpa Kitchen has announced its beloved star Narayana Reddy passed away on October 27. The 73-year-old resident of Telangana, India, rose to internet fame through his popular cooking videos, in which he prepared ridiculously large p... ...

Fancy Le Creuset cookware sets are on sale just in time for Thanksgiving

10.31.2019 · Posted in Cooking Articles, Technology Articles

TL;DR: Four Le Creuset cookware sets are on sale on Amazon for up to 45% off. Smart shopping often comes down to good timing — and according to the consumer companion site, you're most likely to find great deals on cookware in... ...