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NEWS7’s Make in Odisha Interviewed Dr. Satyabrata Minaketan for His Success with Healthville, Eastern India’s Largest Naturopathy Centre

5th March 2021, Bhubaneswar, Odisha – Healthville, Eastern India’s largest naturopathy centre, has recently made its way to one of Odisha’s most popular news channel NEWS7’s Make in Odisha tele program for its outstanding contribution towards the promotion and development of Naturopathy, Ayurveda and other traditional nature cure therapies in India and worldwide. The magnificent ...

Alabama legislature upholds ban on yoga in schools because it might cause kids to convert to Hinduism

Alabama State Rep. Jeremy Gray introduced a bill that would allow yoga to be practiced voluntarily at public schools. But the state legislature upheld the ban against yoga, which has been strictly prohibited since 1993. If you are wondering why, the an... ...

***** yoga classes exist

I knew about ****** yoga but I'm just learning about ***** yoga. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that there are exercise classes where you can also get your drink on (specifically, wine):

The classes are intended for beginners, [founder Eli] Walker said, and encompass a 45-minute vinyasa-style session based on gentle moves set ...

What all the things, yoga teacher training course covers?

09.20.2019 · Posted in Article Writing, Yoga Articles

Basic yoga teacher training course is designed to prepare students to have a good knowledge about not only asanas but also yoga. Nowadays, people have given the meaning of Yogas as Asanas only and very rare people who include pranayama in Yoga. But the real meaning of Yoga seems to be getting disappeared in the ...

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Bhagavad Gita and its Influence on Yoga Philosophy

08.22.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking, Yoga Articles

Yoga Yoga is an ancient and profound science which unfolds the untapped potential of the human body and mind through discipline, physical, mental and spiritual practice. It is originated in ancient India. Yoga darshan (philosophy) is one of the six orthodox Hindu philosophical traditions. It is a complex and vast subject to study. It has ...

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Learn 5 Yoga Principles in Yoga Teacher Training in India

05.27.2019 · Posted in Fitness Articles, Yoga Articles

Dig deep into the mysteries of the age-old science of yoga and learn about its 5 principles while undergoing yoga teacher training in India. Yoga is a very indulgent activity these days. People lead lifestyles that are less focused on personal growth due to the compromises they have to make every day. People living in ...

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Russia prison chief reassures inmates yoga won’t make them ***

Newsweek reports that yoga classes were reinstated in Russian prisons this week after being suspended due to a "religious scholar's" warning that it cold make prisoners ***.

Theological professor Alexander Dvorkin wrote a document suggesting yoga could cause uncontrolled ****** arousal and homosexuality in detention centers, leading to riots, the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomlets reported. Senator ...