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Weight Loss Timing Is Everything – Part 2

02.20.2006 · Posted in Exercise Articles, It Articles

In this series of articles we're examining the timing of fitness. As we found last time, when we eat is almost as important as what we eat. In this article we're going to take a look at when we exercise, and how to get the maximum benefit from our workouts based on timing. ...

3 Ways In Which You Can Optimize The Use Of Bodyweight Exercise

02.16.2006 · Posted in Exercise Articles, It Articles

Bodyweight exercise is the best place to begin when starting a physical fitness training program, should be added to programs that otherwise neglect bodyweight exercise and should be diversified with resistance training for programs that use bodyweight exercise exclusively. ...

Low Impact Cardio – Let Low-Impact Exercise Have a High Impact on Your Fitness Endeavors

Contrary to that silly slogan that seems a favorite among the fitness crowd, no pain does not necessarily translate into no gain. In fact, there are various other exercise alternatives that are completely merciful on your joints while providing you with results. ...