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Keep Your Back From Backing Out On You

10.08.2007 · Posted in Other Fitness Articles

Even in an era that is so heavily focused on physical fitness, muscle toning, and overall wellness, the average Joe still tends to forget about taking proper care of their back muscles and spine. A lot of people will simply ignore the pain and the odd sensations because they don't really understand just how much ...

Boosting Your Immune System

09.15.2007 · Posted in Other Fitness Articles

Instead of having to use your sick days for times when you're really ill, why not use your sick days when you're feeling fine and just need a break from the workplace? To do this, you need to build a strong immune system that can fight off the latest bug around the office. This means ...

Simple Guide to Fitness and Beauty

09.04.2007 · Posted in Other Fitness Articles

Keeping fit and healthy is of utmost importance, can be achieved by making little daily changes, and will help us look beautiful. Beauty however also comes from within! Read this guide for effective steps to keeping fit and being beautiful. ...

The Origins of Classical Ballet

11.07.2006 · Posted in Other Fitness Articles

The art of ballet dance is actually very old. It takes a disciplined and athletic body to perform the beautiful movements that tell us a story. Performances usually take place in a theater. Many young girls fantasize about becoming stars in the ballet world. In actuality it takes a lot of hard work and many ...