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The Mars Curiosity Rover’s wheels are as thin as credit cards

Brian McManus looks at the engineering challenges behind the Curiosity's thin aluminum wheels, which are sustaining significant damage on the Martian surface.

The damage has prompted NASA to commission new wheel options. One of the most promising is a spring tire made of nitinol, similar to the ones Goodyear developed for the lunr rover, but ...

Boy with autism hates being in photos, mom lets him wear T-Rex suit for family pics

One son, who has autism, hates being photographed. His sibling does not mind it. Mom is a photographer. She comes up with a creative parenting solution, and some amazing images, below.

Mom's incredible solution?

Let the kid who can't stand being seen in photographs dress up as Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Photographer and mom Samantha, aka Roaming Magnolias, shared ...

Awe-inspiring timelapse of galaxies sparkling in the skies

Adrien Manduit (previously) returns with a breathtaking timelapse of galaxies as viewed from Teneriffe.

There’s something fascinating in our own home galaxy. Even if we still cannot look at it from above and gaze at the full span of its arms, the sideway view offers a quite a showdown. To me the central part ...

Hypnotic video of 3D-printed plant forms undulating underwater

Hydrophytes are 3D-printed multimaterial forms that explore the possibilities for engineered plants of the future.

Via University of Wellington:

Introducing Hydrophytes, 3D printed 'plants' that respond to their surroundings in incredibly lifelike ways. These objects are part of unique research into multi-material 4D printing by Master of Design Innovation student Nicole Hone, and they're drawing international ...

Relax with this gorgeous 360 VR surfing video

The Anatomy of Surf rides along with surfing legend Ian Walsh as he describes the sensations of surfing, set to footage of some beautiful waves.

"Time completely stops when you get into the barrel. Your feet dig into the wax, and your toes start to grip into the board. You're seeing the lip slowly cascading ...

Fascinating overview of how firefighters fight wildfires

Wildfires are a natural part of many ecosystems, though more and more are human-caused. Wendover Productions takes a look at how firefighters work to minimize the spread of wildfires in grueling and dangerous conditions.

I hope you guys enjoy this video! It's obviously quite an enormous topic that people will spend years studying condensed down ...

Middle school cop who arrested seventh graders “to prove a point” may yet face consequences

In 2013, Deputy Luis Ortiz was the "school resource officer" at Etiwanda Intermediate in San Bernardino County, California, when he arrested a group of 12- and 13-year-old girls, cuffing them and taking them to jail in a police vehicle; at the time an... ...

Google’s parental control software Family Link expands to teens

Google’s parental control software for mobile devices, Family Link, will now help parents of teenagers, too. The company announced this morning the addition of new features aimed at parents of children over the age of 13. Perhaps the most controversial choice Google has made with this expansion is that teens can choose to turn off ...