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Virginia towns’ trick-or-treat laws threaten over-12s with jail-time

In Chesapeake, VA, trick-or-treaters over 12 face fines of $25-100 and up to six months in jail (under-12s who trick-or-treat after 8PM face fines of $10-100 and up to 30 days in jail).

In Newport News and Norfolk, over-12s who trick-or-treat are "guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor." Suffolk merely makes over-12 trick-or-treating "against the law." ...

4 sleek charging stations that hide your phone to keep your family off their tech — Optimize That

10.05.2018 · Posted in Family Articles, Technology Articles

These four ideas for DIY charging stations will keep your gadgets all in one place, ready for the next day — so you won't be tempted to use them during family time or when you should really be sleeping. Read more...More about Amazon, Mashable Vi... ...

Scientists raising baby corals plan to plant over one million by 2021

Raising baby corals is a labor-intensive process that requires gathering the babies at the moment the corals spawn in the wild. Scientists compete with fish that feast on the babies, netting the gametes and planulae, then caring for them in a lab until they can be planted on the ocean floor.

Via bioGraphic:

Over the ...

Listen to this funky electromechanical lithophone

Jay Harrison shared this delightful lithophone cover of Vulfpeck's "It Gets Funkier III" at the Parabola Arts Centre as part of Cheltenham Music Festival.

Lithophones are at least as old as their wood counterpart the xylophone. I was reminded of their lovely sound after reading about how mysterious tools found in the Colorado desert ten ...

Pew: A majority of U.S. teens are bullied online

A majority of U.S. teens have been subject to online abuse, according to a new study from Pew Research Center, out this morning. Specifically, that means they’ve experienced at least one of a half-dozen types of online cyberbullying, including name-calling, being subject to false rumors, receiving explicit images they didn’t ask for, having explicit images ...

Scientists print robotic flippers based on sea lions

Most aquatic animals propel themselves with a tail or fluke, so roboticists have long been interested in the remarkable speeds possible by mimicking sea lion propulsion with front flippers.

Don’t be fooled by a sea lion’s big, sweet eyes and playful demeanor—these guys move through water like a torpedo. While most animals swim using ...

The Mars Curiosity Rover’s wheels are as thin as credit cards

Brian McManus looks at the engineering challenges behind the Curiosity's thin aluminum wheels, which are sustaining significant damage on the Martian surface.

The damage has prompted NASA to commission new wheel options. One of the most promising is a spring tire made of nitinol, similar to the ones Goodyear developed for the lunr rover, but ...

Boy with autism hates being in photos, mom lets him wear T-Rex suit for family pics

One son, who has autism, hates being photographed. His sibling does not mind it. Mom is a photographer. She comes up with a creative parenting solution, and some amazing images, below.

Mom's incredible solution?

Let the kid who can't stand being seen in photographs dress up as Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Photographer and mom Samantha, aka Roaming Magnolias, shared ...