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Guy puts a camera onto a sushi conveyor belt and the result is a sweet little movie

As this camera moves along a Japanese conveyor belt sushi restaurant, it captures diners in the booths. Some people notice and wave, others are engrossed in conversation or studying the menu. The soundtrack, added after the video was shot, makes this a nice movie about the happiness of eating with your friends and family members.

Research shows that 2FA and other basic measures are incredibly effective at preventing account hijacking

Google has published the results of a study of the efficacy of standard anti-account-hijacking techniques like two-factor authentication (2FA), secret questions, and passwords: the good news is that when these are used, they are incredibly effective at stopping both automated and targeted attacks, including "advanced" attacks of the sort that are often characterized as unstoppable.

The ...

How New York taxi drivers were conned and bankrupted by medallion loan sharks

“I don’t think I could concoct a more predatory scheme if I tried. This was modern-day indentured servitude.” That's what Roger Bertling, the senior instructor at Harvard Law School’s clinic on predatory lending and consumer protection told The New York Times about ****** operators who hyper-inflated the price of taxi medallions (which allow you ...

A deep dive into the internal politics, personalities and social significance of the Googler Uprising

Writing in Fortune, Beth Kowitt gives us a look inside the Googler Uprising, wherein Google staff launched a string of internal reform movements, triggered first by the company's secret participation in an AI/drone warfare project for the Pentagon, then a secret attempt to build a censored/surveilling search engine for use in China, then the ...

China overtakes US in smart speaker market share

The U.S. no longer leads the smart speaker market, according to new data from Canalys out this morning, which found China’s smart speaker shipments grew by 500% in Q1 2019 to overtake the U.S. and achieve a 51% market share. The firm said shipments in China reached 10.6 million units, which was driven by “festive ...

Man intentionally gets a spray tan at one of Yelp’s worst-rated tanning salons

A Vice correspondent went to a New Jersey tanning salon called Sizzle Tans, which "has received a heap of one-star reviews from people claiming to have experienced bad customer service — and subpar tanning results." Here's his video about the experience.

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Watch this 1986 report about house music on Chicago’s local TV news

In 1986, Chicago's local TV news discovered the city's pioneering house music scene, featuring the likes of Farley "Jackmaster" Funk and Steve "Silk" Hurley. From this groove came the groove of all grooves.

Below, two classics of the genre:

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