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Famous landmarks around the world turn green for St. Patrick’s Day

03.17.2019 · Posted in Other Articles, Technology Articles

The greenest day of the year will always be St. Patrick's Day. Cities around the world celebrated the Irish holiday on Sunday by turning their most famous landmarks green. It's amazing what a quick dye job can do to your standard government building.... ...

Lame killjoys want California’s ‘Flintstones’ house declared a public nuisance

03.16.2019 · Posted in Other Articles, Technology Articles

Nothing gold can stay.  A bunch of humorless and fun-hating jerks are trying to ruin the famous Hillsborough, Calif., Flintstones-style house by getting it declared a public nuisance. So reports the East Bay Times, which notes that it's the late... ...

People are throwing their Vans in the air to test out a pretty cool theory

03.04.2019 · Posted in Other Articles, Technology Articles

Just like a cat will always land on its feet, a pair of Vans sneakers will always land on their soles when thrown into the air.  That was the claim made by Twitter user  @Ibelievthehype when they unwittingly created the latest viral challen... ...