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Professional Software

07.06.2006 · Posted in Hardware Articles

1st July 2006 , The graphical user interface (GUI) was actually developed by Xerox and introduced on its Star workstation in 1981. Apple borrowed heavily from the Star, and subsequently, others copied the Mac, moving the GUI down the line to Windows, ...

What type of asset labels do I need to buy for my school, office, company or college?

06.04.2006 · Posted in Hardware Articles

This article is designed to help people choose the correct asset labels for application in your School, Office, Company, College or University. ...

How to prepare surfaces for Asset Tags and Asset Label Tags on Computers & IT equipment

05.04.2006 · Posted in Hardware Articles

A quick guide to surface preparation and application of asset label tags and asset labels so that they have an optimum bond and won't let you down. ...