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Magnetic Stripe Reader

09.06.2006 · Posted in Hardware Articles

Millions of magnetic stripe readers, magnetic stripe check readers are installed worldwide are used in financial institutions, retail stores, telecommunication companies, kiosks, gaming, transit, schools, sports and recreation facilities and clubs for identification and transportation purposes. ...

Bar Code Scanners – Know the Features

09.06.2006 · Posted in Hardware Articles

The benefits of barcode scanners are many. It greatly helps you organize your inventory, monitor the movement of goods, and ensure the security of your premises. Bar Code technology is helping enterprises worldwide streamline their business and control costs at the same time. ...

The Necessity of Barcode Printers in Modern Times

09.06.2006 · Posted in Hardware Articles

Desktop barcode printer has become a commonplace tool for entering product information at retail chains and shopping complexes. Industrial barcode printers are used in manufacturing facilities and large warehouses helping in inventory management and sales process automation. ...

Directory Architecture of Mac

08.21.2006 · Posted in Hardware Articles

Mac OS X marks a significant first for Apple, an enterprise-capable operating system. Built from the ground up based on open standards with powerful Unix-like underpinnings, it's moving Apple further into the infrastructures of business and academic computing than ever before. ...