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Video: Peregrine falcons can fly at more than 200 miles per hour

Peregrine falcons are the dive bombers of the natural world, flying at speeds over 200 mph to snag their prey. From KQED Deep Look:

While known for being the world’s fastest bird–peregrines have been clocked at diving more than 200 miles per hour–these majestic birds were at risk for going extinct 50 years ago. Widespread ...

Plot of land listed for $1bn, sells for $100k

What just happened? asks the Los Angeles Times, concerning the sale of "the Mountain", a large undeveloped plot of land overlooking Los Angeles that was listed for $1bn but nabbed at auction for only $100k, despite the seller needing to cover a $200m loan.

The auction was over almost as soon as it began. The ...

DIY funtime: This 1949 Zenith vintage TV restoration is incredible

“Finally working again at 70 years, happily playing Casablanca.” 📺


Seriously impressed by @hrf3420's 1949 Zenith 28T962R restoration project shared on IMGUR.

Look at the beast in its original form!

“Original pic of TV, not even out of the car yet.”

And get a load of its guts!

Do check out the entire gallery.

Have you ...

United passengers say they were asked to clean seats covered in fresh *****

Sam Trail says he and his wife boarded a United Airlines plane only to discover that their seats had been vomited on by a previous passenger. They say that when they alerted a crew member, they were given a *** of paper towels and warned that they would be blamed for a departure delay if ...

Anthropodermic bibliopegy: the grotesque history of books bound in human skin

On the Under the Knife show, Dr Lindsey Fitzharris elucidates the weird history of "anthropodermic bibliopegy," the weird practice of binding books in human skin, including the doctor who bound case histories in the skins of his dead patients, and the murderer who asked to have his biography bound in his skin and presented to ...

Mexico City judge gives two people permission to enjoy recreational ******* with impunity

Mexico City judge Víctor Octavio Luna Escobedo gave two people permission to use  500 milligrams of ******* per day, saying the drug conveys benefits such as "tension relief, the intensification of perceptions and the desire [to have] new personal and spiritual experiences." According to Newsweek, the two happy cokeheads musn't sniff the drug while ...

The world’s largest occult library has a public online archive

Amsterdam's Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica (AKA "The Ritman Library) houses more ths 25,000 occult texts, covering "Hermetics, Rosicrucians, Theosophy, alchemy, mysticism, Gnosis and Western Esotericism, Sufism, Kabbalah, Anthroposophy, Catharism, Freemasonry, Manichaeism, Judaica, the Grail, Esotericism, and comparative religion."

The library has begun to scan and post its core collection to an online archive called The Hermetically ...

Couple crashes plane in ocean and manages to take video while waiting for rescue

A couple was flying a small plane at 6pm last night when they lost power and crashed near Northern California's Half Moon Bay. They skidded across water and amazingly escaped without injuries. They even managed to take some video of themselves while waiting for their rescue helicopter.

According to NBC:

The plane was one of two ...