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Canadian Immigration Guide Documents

07.02.2007 · Posted in Travel Articles

Once you have contacted an Immigration Representative and verified its membership with the CSIC, I recommend proceeding as follows: I. Arrange an interview with the Representative. It can be a personal or telephone interview. I recommend arranging a personal interview (face to face) so that you can meet your Representative and analyze his work environment. You should ...

Travel Tips for Business or Pleasure

06.28.2007 · Posted in Travel Articles

When you travel, do you always get the best deals? When you are out and about, chances are that someone around you paid far less for the same service than you did. But do not despair, because getting a great deal on anything from flights to rental cars to hotel rooms is far ...

UPS In Mauritius Expands Rapidly To The Tourism Sector

06.16.2007 · Posted in Travel Articles

Business is at the moment faring well and there is optimism in the air for the development of many companies and of the sector as a whole. The document and small parcel business has seen a reasonable growth since the start of the year. The growth is mainly attributed to the good performance of the ...

How To Travel Easier

06.14.2007 · Posted in Travel Articles

Travel has become a large part of the American way of life. Many people rely on travel for their business as the world is becoming a smaller place and most companies are either national or international businesses. Other people travel for pleasure, and enjoy it above other forms of recreation. ...

Travel Maps: Why Online Maps Are Handy

06.14.2007 · Posted in Travel Articles

Many people claim they are very good and getting to where they need to go without the use of maps, that they do not need maps or to ask for directions. Others do not like to use maps, but rely heavily on directions. The problem with both these types of people, that unless they simply ...