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British Airways will give you VR for in-flight entertainment

08.14.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles, Travel Articles

Commercial virtual reality has, so far, mostly manifested itself in the living rooms of people with lots of disposable income. But British Airways is hopping on a VR bandwagon that could actually be pretty useful. The UK airline announced Wednesday t... ...

Traveling light is totally possible with these genius products that are on sale

08.06.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles, Travel Articles

Let’s be clear: traveling with just carry-on luggage, even for long-haul international trips, is completely possible. Sure, it might feel restrictive, and sacrifices will be made (sorry third pair of shoes), but with the right packing products ... ...

What to look for in a portable charger before you travel

08.05.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles, Travel Articles

Portable chargers save lives.  One of the quirks of modern living is that we, as a people, carry an absurd number of battery-powered devices with us wherever we go. Most people carry a phone, plenty of them carry a laptop on top of that, and oth... ...

My Life on the Road — Staying Still

I've been back in Canada since May and I am certain I am losing my mind. It's a certainty that takes hold of me, every year.

We come home because we have to. As Canadians, we can only stay in the Untied States for a maximum of six months at a time. This past year, we ...

Become an Instagram travel influencer after taking this online class

08.03.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles, Travel Articles

TL;DR: Get the professional-level Insta-Famous Photography Bundle for $19. Normally priced at $194, you'll be scoring six classes at 90% off.  Ah influencers. Say what you will about them, but when it comes down to it, even the biggest of cynic... ...