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Photos show Venice’s canals eerily empty during coronavirus pandemic

Italy has become the second-most-affected country by the spread of the coronavirus, with approximately 60 million people under total lockdown. The spread of COVID-19, the official term for the disease caused by the virus, has been especially severe t... ...

Airlines want $50 Billion federal bailout for coronavirus

Major U.S. passenger and cargo airlines say they need more than $50 billion in federal bailout money as the coronavirus pandemic closes businesses and dramatically slows down air travel.

A lobbying group that represents 10 U.S. passenger and cargo airlines said Monday that in a worst-case scenario, the airlines will “run out of money completely ...

Headway that would truly help the people around 

The language of sustainability in the headway has composed a model. The issue is wayfarers don’t everything mulled over think concerning the subject here and there to pick the best decisions. By and large, more basically, there are still pioneers who figure their fundamental development isn’t huge in the exchange wrapping reasonableness.  As tourists, we ...

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Traveling with epilepsy can be a challenge. Here’s how I learned to manage it.

03.06.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles, Travel Articles

It was the hammering on the bathroom door that jolted me awake.  Someone was saying my name on the other side of the door. I raised my heavy head from the wet floor. "Yep," I mustered in response. As I parted my lips to speak, I tasted something... ...

Coronavirus outbreak empties out airports around the world

You're not seeing things. There are fewer people at airports around the world as the new coronavirus disease spreads throughout cities. In some of the areas hardest hit by the virus like China, South Korea, and Italy, travel is restricted and it's de... ...

Screener at Los Angeles airport tests positive for coronavirus, federal officials say

Federal officials say a medical screener at Los Angeles International Airport has tested positive for coronavirus.

The DHS contractor was performing CDC medical screenings at LAX airport, and became sick. They have now tested positive for COVID-19.

The patient first exhibited symptoms Saturday, February 29.

Their last shift at LAX was on February 21.

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Korean Air crew member who flew to Los Angeles has coronavirus: Reports

A Korean Air flight attendant has tested positive for coronavirus, and they worked on flights between Seoul and Los Angeles, South Korean media outlets reported on Wednesday afternoon U.S. time.

The Korean Air cabin crew member diagnosed with coronavirus today flew home to South Korea from Los Angeles on February 19

— ...

TripAdvisor reviews for a hole in a wall

Thanks to TripAdvisor reviews for a hole in a wall, the architectural feature has become the fourth-most popular tourist destination in Ilkeston, a town in Derbyshire, England.

The hole reassures users of a nearby NatWest bank ATM that no-one is hiding behind the wall to rob them, but its absurdity and questionable utility resulted ...