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Toys ‘R’ Us stores are coming back in time for the holidays

06.22.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles, Toys Articles

Toys 'R' Us will rise again! After breaking everyone's hearts with its store closures in 2018, Toys 'R' Us will reportedly re-open for business (albeit in a much smaller capacity) for the 2019 holiday season, reports Bloomberg. SEE ALSO: 9 hidden iOS... ...

Save $20 on these mini, 1980s-inspired ‘Tempest’ arcade games

06.01.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles, Toys Articles

There's no denying that 80s culture has become pervasive in movies, TV shows (hello Stranger Things), and especially gaming. (Hey, we're not complaining.) If you were a kid during the time of video game arcades, then you may remember Tempest, the Ata... ...

Metal Mario joins the Mario Kart Hot Wheels collection in shiny style

05.29.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles, Toys Articles

Metal Mario has a need for speed and he finally has an outlet for it now that he's going to be a Hot Wheels toy. Metal Mario is joining the Mario Kart Hot Wheels lineup this summer, ready to race regular flesh Mario and the rest of the non-metallic g... ...

Toy blocks that teach about our solar system

Thomas Romer of the excellent Chop Shop Studio in collaboration with the nonprofit Planetary Society designed these delightful solar system toy blocks to teach kids (and adults) about the wonders of outer space! He's launched a Kickstarter to fund the manufacturing of the wood blocks with debossed typography. They're $75/set. Thomas says:

We worked ...

WATCH: Super satisfying magnet action

These magnetic ***** look fun as heck. Keep them out of the way of small kids and pets, please.

Said the IMGURian who posted them where I found 'em, “Love these things, and it’s great that they’re no longer banned in the US.”

You can buy them on Amazon for $17.99 right now, ...