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Who Controls Electronic Rights – The Publisher or the Writer?

03.18.2012 · Posted in Legal Articles

The increased importance of electronic publishing requires publishers and writers to pay greater attention to electronic rights issues. Thus, most contemporary publishing contracts, at least those where at least the publisher or writer was represented by counsel, contain some reference to "electronic rights". ...

The Security that Personal Injury Lawyers Deliver

03.15.2012 · Posted in Legal Articles

Some famous people hire body guards and top notch security to ensure they are protected every time, everywhere. Nonetheless, precisely how far would they go to defend you? How can you make certain you are safeguarded if in case you encountered an accident, or medical malpractice? In this informative article, you will learn what protection ...

Actos Discussions Part 1: Your Actos Case

03.07.2012 · Posted in Legal Articles

A class action lawsuit aggregates many individual lawsuits into one lawsuit where the claimants have an injury in common, with a single representative member of the class representing the whole. Class actions offer the advantages of greater efficiency in trying the case and can lower litigation costs, although in some cases class action settlements can ...

Famous People Who Once Were Court Reporters

03.07.2012 · Posted in Legal Articles

So, our tale for today is something pertaining to those individuals who one time tried out the legal career, more specifically, as a court reporter. The writer has collected and has researched these people and found out that they're qualified to be in this article. Go through it and you will be surprised. ...

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill-Ramifications for the Texas Coast

02.27.2012 · Posted in Legal Articles

Explosion on a deepwater drilling rig 40 miles off the coast of Louisiana launched what could be the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history. The Deepwater Horizon, a half-billion dollar rig owned and operated by Swiss-based Transocean, Ltd and leased by British Petroleum PLC (BP), sank, leaving a subsea well spewing hundreds of thousands of ...