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How to Monitor Your Cash Flows With A Cash Flow Statement

09.23.2006 · Posted in Accounting Articles

Does your company post a profit? Even with profits, cash flow is an entire different animal. Often ignored, but of great importance to the operations of any business, cash flow monitoring is the best test to determine whether your company is reaching its full potential. ...

Why Does Incorporating My Business In the United States Make Cents?

08.28.2006 · Posted in Accounting Articles

Launching and incorporating a business in the United States has never been easier for an investor, entrepreneur or business owner that is not a citizen of the United States. This article describes the benefits of a non-US citizen incorporating their business in the United States. ...

How To Generate Pro Forma Financial Statements For A Company

07.28.2006 · Posted in Accounting Articles

Many companies generate and keep historical financial statements, but very few develop a working set of pro forma financials. Pro Forma financial statements are designed to give you a look at the projected, future financial statements of a company. ...