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Tale of a Puppy Mill – Cavalier King Charles Dog – Book Review

02.10.2012 · Posted in Accounting Articles

Saving Gracie, by Carol Bradley is a true story of how a Cavalier Kings Charles dog is rescued after spending the first six years of her life in a puppy mill. Bradley relies on her journalistic background to peel back the layers of the many lives that intersect in this absorbing story. ...

Catering suppliers

01.08.2012 · Posted in Accounting Articles

Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, mobile food or drink supplier, guest house any form of hospitality there will be a need for catering supplies in one form or another. When you consider the definition of cater, meaning to provide ready made food to people. This is in a really tiny nutshell, there is so ...

Top 5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Your Accounting Package

01.08.2012 · Posted in Accounting Articles

When many people start their first small business they are excited and often over look some key things that will make a difference between your business thriving or struggling. One of the most common areas overlooked is the accounting package that is used to manage the business finances. In this article I will ...