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A Bug on the Plate Is Worth How Much?

05.16.2018 · Posted in Humor Article

Did you ever have a smile on your face that no matter what you did you could not wipe it off? Well, that is quite a regular occurrence with me. But this past week was a “smile-on-the-face&rdquo... ...

One Good Deed Deserves A Kick In The Pants

10.02.2017 · Posted in Humor Article

Have you ever had the feeling that any good deed you try is counteracted by a good swift kick in the pants? I recently grabbed a quick lunch at a local restaurant. I don’t like eating at fast f... ...

My Sneeze Is No Gentle Breeze

09.15.2017 · Posted in Humor Article

It has been days (or has it been years) since I have enjoyed a sneeze free day. The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage told me it is simply that time of the year and I should learn to deal with it. "A... ...